Wave track and Linen curtain, Kingston.

Wave track and linen curtain project is located in Kingston, Surrey. The customer required a light curtain solution for her sliding patio doors with apex window above providing shading and privacy. Another requirement was the curtain to be clear of the door glass when open and stacked. The first suggestion was to put the single curtain to a straight track under the beam but meant it had to be stacked on to the left of the doors. This was dismissed and a solution that used the wall section to the right of the sliding doors was required. Our expert advisor and curtain fitter suggested that a Wave track in black would blend with the black beam. On further inspection, it was agreed that the track could be fitted to the underside of the beam.

To take the track onto the wall section would require two bends one standard and one reverse. This section of Wave track and linen curtain would be the area to stack the curtains free of the glass and keeping the curtain stack free of the operational door. The customer then selected a wide width linen mix curtain in fabric Tanami by Villanova for the SilentGliss decorative track. The project was a success and a non standard bespoke solution for our customer.

  • Black Wave Metroflat
  • Silent Gliss
  • Linen Fabric curtains
  • Unlined
  • Wave heading
  • Installation
  • Made to measure
  • Two bend track
  • top and face fixed