Pom Pom Decorative Trim Curtains, Cobham

Bespoke curtains and roman blinds with decorative trim for our loyal clients based in Cobham. We bring fabric books to the appointment and look out for inspiration with our clients. Very often in search of the perfect colour match, it is necessary to send additional fabric samples by post. Our clients could decide on colours very quickly and ordered complementary trims to add finishing touch for daughter’s bedroom blinds and curtains.

This time we decided to use Eyeleted curtains to accommodate the existing pole.

Eyeleted Curtains
Decorative trim: Pom-Pom trim: Tivoli Fringe Camellia T73/06, Fabric: Heavenly Petunia 2088/58, Tie Backs: Rialto Camelia

Roman Blinds
Heavenly Zinnia 2088/59, Wiggles Braid Sari