Motorized Blinds, Cambridge Park, Twickenham

The project brief was to supply blinds to a modern annexe that when in the down position provided privacy to the main house, whilst allowing an obscured view of the house to be seen and privacy obtained inside the annexe. The blinds also needed to be suitable for providing closure for sleep -(not blackout) dim out was achieved.
The silhouette motorized blinds total of four are operated by a 5 channel remote enabling independent operation for each motorized blind as well as an all down, open and close vane function.
These blinds offer a semi-transparent view through light sheer pockets and in this case with a blackout fabric separation to create a dim out product.

  • Motorized Blind
  • Privacy blind
  • Dim out blind
  • Remote control
  • Battery Operated
  • Modern
  • Designer blind