Welcome to our roof Skylight and Lantern Motorised Roof Blinds page, featuring premium solutions from Somfy and Silent Gliss, offering remote control and seamless integration with smart home systems such as Control4, Rako, and KNX.

Typical Installation for Concealed Roof Blinds


Our range includes various fabrics to suit your shading needs, from screen fabrics with antiglare properties for sunny applications to translucent options providing light and privacy, as well as blackout fabrics where total darkness is required (media and cinema rooms, bedrooms, and conference rooms where projectors and screens may be needed.

At the pre-build or refurbishment stage, our expert team will work closely with architects, construction teams, and AV specialists to facilitate wiring architecture, select the perfect blinds and motors, offer advice on concealment options, and provide blindspace pockets and enclosures for seamless integration with your rooflight aesthetics.

We can achieve hidden edges and discreet top and bottom boxes for a sleek finish at the pre-build stage only.

Even if your build is complete, we have solutions available that offer a balance between showcasing the system and maintaining functionality.

We provide a bespoke RAL spraying service for customisation and offer fabric sampling to assist in the selection process.

Our dedicated team installs all our roof blind systems in collaboration with construction teams and AV/smart home integrators, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

For those seeking the best of both worlds, we also offer dual roof blinds at the construction stage, allowing for the layering of a screened skylight blind above a blackout blind to cater to varying lighting and privacy needs.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover how our motorised roof blinds can elevate your space with style, convenience, and smart functionality.