QMotion specialises in providing distinctive and innovative solutions for home window coverings. Specialising in wire-free window treatment solutions, our offerings encompass all the advantages of a wired system, without the need for a qualified electrician to install 240v wiring. Notably, the QMotion solution eliminates the need for any wiring at all.

For the first time, users can effortlessly install a fully functional, noiseless, and wireless motorised shading system. Control is at your fingertips through a remote or can be seamlessly managed via smartphone or tablet using the QMotion app. Users enjoy the flexibility to remotely operate their blinds individually or simultaneously, organising them by room, elevation, or floor.

Our control options extend to compatibility with renowned AI devices such as the Amazon® Echo Plus. Through the Alexa app, users can establish schedules and routines, automating the blinds' movements. This ensures that even when away from the property or room, users can trust that the blinds will continue to operate, effectively managing glare and heat gain, while maintaining an elevated level of privacy and security.

For those considering new construction and equipped to provide power wiring for QMotion Blinds, we present a cost-effective Cat 6 wired solution. This innovative approach efficiently channels power and control to the blinds, meeting the installer's needs at an exceptionally low cost.