Space Optimisation

Multiple Configurations

Concealed Design

Blinds can be concealed in the wall or ceiling, facing either the window or the room interior. Spaces requiring blackout blinds often use Blindspace side and bottom boxes. Bottom-up blinds can discreetly cover windows and gables, with or without side boxes. Installing blinds close to the window reduces gaps, improving privacy and minimizing light and warm air. Blindspace side boxes eliminate gaps for complete blackout. Account for protruding handles when configuring blind gaps near windows.

Blindspace's blind pockets are designed to be concealed within the architecture of a room, creating a clean and minimalist appearance. This allows for a seamless integration of blinds without the need for bulky external elements.

Blind concealed in ceiling:

Blind concealed in ceiling

Blind concealed in wall:

blind concealed in wall

Concealed blinds and side channels:

Concealed blind and curtain track:

Concealed blind and curtain track

Fixing area detail:

Concealed blinds fixing area detail