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Silent Gliss

OTRT Designs are the one stop solution for the supply and installation of Silent Gliss blind, curtain, pole and track systems. We offer a comprehensive service including site visits, sampling, technical information / assistance and estimate/s to help identify the correct products for your project.

Silent Gliss window furnishings are used in a wide range of projects which include residential and commercial projects. Silent Gliss are a leading manufacturer in curtain track, blind and pole systems offering technical fabrics, various operation methods motorised, corded and hand drawn. All products have great reliability, quiet operation and excellent build quality.


The OTRT Designs team with a combined 40 years in the soft furnishing industry are highly experienced in the installation of blinds, curtains, tracks and pole including numerous Silent Gliss systems. We have the know-how and experience to advise, measure, deliver and install Silent Gliss products for your project!

Silent Gliss window furnishings are used in a wide range of projects which include residential and commercial projects.

We are located in London and Surrey, offer an on-site appraisal for your project.


  • Made to measure
  • On site advice
  • Roller blinds
  • Curtain tracks
  • Curtain poles
  • Panel systems
  • Wave Systems (curtains, tracks & poles)
  • Motorisation
  • Home Automation
  • Concealed track and blind systems
  • Technical fabrics
  • After sales service

Hand operated Curtain Tracks:
SG 1020, SG1021, SG1025, SG1070, SG1080, SG1090, SG1280, SG6010, SG6290, SG6021, SG6243, SG6293, SG6380, SG6465, SG6820, SG6870, SG6970

Cord Operated Curtain Tracks, Heavy Duty and Stage Curtain tracks:
SG3000, SG3840, SG3870, SG 3900, SG3970, SG6370

Pole Systems:
SG 1003M, SG6100M, SG6120M, SG6130M, SG6140M, SG6160M

Room Divider Systems:
SG6100, SG6103

Electrically Operated curtain tracks:
SG 5100B, SG 5100R, SG 5100T, SG 5100TC, SG5300, SG5600, SG5800

Switches, Remote Control and Multiple operation of motorised systems:
SG 0450, SG9940, Battery operated, controls, SMART

Roman, Austrian, Festoon Blind Systems:
SG 2120, SG2304, SG2305, SG2345, SG2350, Made to measure roman blinds

Sliding Panel Systems:
SG2700, SG 2730, SG2740

Skylight Systems:
SG 2190, SG2195, SG8600, SG8640

Vertical Blinds:
SG 2810, SG2900, SG2950

Roller Blinds:
SG4900, SG4907, SG4910, SG4930, SG4830, SG4840, SG4955, SG4960, SG4970, SG4880

Dim-out Blinds:
SG 4710, SG4730, SG 4740, SG4760, SG 4770, SG 4780

Venetian Blinds:
SG8100, SG 8100PC, SG 8250, SG8300, SG8910, SG 8960

Plisse Pleated Blinds:
SG 8500

For technical information please visit SilentGliss website.