Lutron RA 2 smart system

Lutron RA2 Select is a smart lighting and blind & curtain control system personalised to your home or office.

Pico Remote controls can be mounted to the wall with no need for wiring or cut holes or placed upon a pedestal

The Lutron RA2 system has a free downloadable App so you can monitor and adjust your blinds & lights even when you’re away

You can easily set multiple, lights and blinds to just the right levels, whether cooking, a dinner party or movie night, Alexa, film mode!


Lutron RA2 lets you choose the right components to create a system that suites your life style.

The main repeater allows you to control your lights and blinds as well system integration with Amazon Alexa, Logitech, Nest, Sonos, Smart Thing and other brands. 

Multiple In line light dimmers and switches can be quickly and easily installed placed in line on the lighting circuit of a room by a qualified electrician to be part of the RA2 Select smart home system

Occupancy and Vacancy sensors can be added to the system to turn on or off when you enter the room.


Lutron extensive range of automated motorised blinds can offer Privacy, Shading and Heat retaining subject to fabric selection. Whether you want to Keep the sun out or let the light in there are 5 styles of blinds with numerous fabrics to suit your individual style.

Lutron automated blinds move quietly and in unison another great feature of this product.